.V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O. XV

The Guardians of the Parallel Universe


The Tree of Memory and Thought




The Garden on a Rainbow


The Wings of the Intelligent Whirlwind


The Black Pearl


The Black Pearl


Iconography of IUSTITIA

In a place, neither near nor far, and a time, neither now or then…

[So goes my little story ]


Exhibition : “Le Donne (si) Raccontano”

Where: Galleria FIAF via Pietro Santarosa, 7-9 - 10122 Torino When: May 31 - June 23 "Le Donne (si) Raccontano" is part of an event called Fo.To (Fotografi a Torino / Photographers in Turin), a project of urban collaboration among public and private museums, art...

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Two Awards @ 4th FAPA – Fine Art Photography Awards

4th Fine Art Photography Award (2017/2018) Art is born out of passion. Fine Art photography is a perfect instrument, which allows a person to communicate with the world and share their vision. It results from the author’s deep sensitivity, a need to...

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Two Bronze Awards @ 2018 MIFA

2018 International Moscow Foto Awards Two Bronze Awards for Two Variations: .V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O. XXI : The Garden on a Rainbow .V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O. XVII : The Tree of Memory and Thought ...and the winners are.... . More...

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Bach's Goldberg .V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O.N.S.

.V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O.N.S. is an on-going photographic project by Ylenia Viola. A photographic journey in the dreams of the man, Count Keyserling, who commissioned the opera, now known as “Goldberg Variations”, to J.S. Bach. .

Watch the .V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O.N.S. trailer

Watch. Listen. Dream.Discover the .V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O.N.S.

.A.D.A.G.I.O. A Winter's Tale

The Adagio is a photographic project inspired by the Adagio, Maurice Ravel, Piano Concert in G. The music became a tale, the tale became a story told through a series of digital pictures. Pictures are linked together, representing a cycle: the cycle of our Mother Nature, of our planet, the cycle of our life.


Spread your Wings and Fly

Ylenia Viola ... & FairyTalesNeverDie

. Everything you can image is real.


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