First important thing. There is no photographer or artist, or creative of any kind that does not need an assistant. An assistant is not only someone who technically helps, an assistant is someone who is there for you.

Someone who is there when you’re looking for an idea, or for a way to achieve it. When you mentally compose the list of things that you need and how to obtain them. When you get up early in the morning to go to the river in search of winged creatures. Or when you lie down exhausted, at night, with your mind focused on your projects.
And someone who is there at the exhibitions, dinners with friends, in the moments of loneliness or simply lies at the bottom of your bag when you have no time to breathe.

So, let me introduce you my assistant.
His name is Flappy. Mr Flappy Fang.

He is a vampire bat. He recently turned a year. And he is always with me.

Obviously, he is not able to change the lens to the camera (he does not have opposable thumbs). He can not handle any light because he stares mesmerized waiting for a moth – although we are in a house. Despite being a fearsome creature of the night, he is afraid of the dark (but this is a secret!) .

Why, therefore, an assistant like that?

It ‘s all about imagination.

Nourish your imagination. Watch the world around with eyes that know how to look beyond logic and rational barriers. Rediscover wonder and the ability to create imaginary worlds like when you were a child. Destroy all prejudices and conventionality like when you look at something for the first time. Do not ever lose the curiosity and eagerness to dream: the world is endlessly fascinating, and you never stop to discover new shades.

Flappy constantly reminds me that fairytales do exist and are around me. I only need a little help to see them: Flappy.


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