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An Interview

I am dead. I dream. I dreamt. I lived.

When I received a DM on my Instagram account from Christy @leavemeto_dreaming asking me for an interview I couldn’t believe it. She is a very talented artist and the moderator of one of my favorite hubs on IG, @creativeflow_graphics , and she was asking for an interview!!! I felt so happy and thrilled for that request!

You can read the interview here on the right.

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What inspires your photographic themes?

I get my inspiration from the external world, that somehow interacts with my internal feelings and thoughts. So a shape of a flower or an insect, a shadow of a tree can create an internal vibe that kicks a new project. At that point, I start thinking about that specific work, building in my mind, or something scratching on a piece of paper, the different components of a picture. Often, my results are very different from the idea that initiated that specific work, but they are the end of a mental process that takes sometimes days. Enough to say that I enjoy immensely going through that process.

If you had to describe your work using only three adjectives what would they be? 

Introspective: what is in my photo is an expression of my feeling, of my personal world, my experiences. It is a search into a parallel world where I sometimes love to disappear.

Inspirational: I try to leave in my works a little door open. I would like others to get inspired by these pictures and see things through the filter of their mind, experience, feeling. In a sense I’d like to think my pictures are sometimes a vehicle to allow others to travel in their world.

Silent: Usually there is no “sounds” in my pictures. The dialogue amongst the subject and the world is subliminal and silent. I let the light shaping the dialogue and to some extent… viceversa.

How has your work evolved since you first came to IG?

My work has changed dramatically since my first posting on IG and for multiple reasons. Instagram allows reaching many people and communities that share your interests. So there is a continuous dialogue and a continuous exchanging of information, direct or indirect, that facilitate and stimulate your journey. Instagram is my studio to experiment, my stage to show, my place to meet new friends.

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