Do you believe in Faeries?

“… one such keeper and creator of folklore is Italian photographer and artist, Ylenia Viola. With her extraordinary world filled with enchanted winged creatures, she portrays her supernatural alter egos in a sublimely beautiful parallel universe. Viola implores us to delve more deeply, to rethink physics, time and need for logic; coaxing us to live recklessly within the undefined and to play more peacefully in paradoxes. Her invitation is clearly written: imagine the unimaginable”.

You can read the issue INSPADES DUE here: www.inspadesmag.com

I hope you enjoy it!


The Interview

. More “Features” .

Flora on Nikon Magazine

Flora on Nikon Magazine My .V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O.N. #22 aka "Flora" published on the Nikon Magazine. "Flora. Carrying the closest flowers. Sustaining the last reminiscences of life. Giving breath to the few, loyal roses that never abandoned her. Flora. Escaped from the end...

An Interview for Where Women Create Magazine

Where Women Create Magazine The Winter Issue 2017-2018   A 6 page article where i tried to explain my creative rituals, how and where I find my inspirations and some little secrets... "Ylenia Viola goes about her days amongst the scenic architecture of Torino, Italy,...

Tales of Ordinary Angels

Tales of Ordinary Angels Art by Ylenia Viola Interview by Jill Gould for Citizen Brooklyn “Torino, Italy based artist/photographer, Ylenia Viola combines different photographs and quotes to create images that inspire otherworldly beauty with basic human emotions to...

Dreams @ VFNO

#Dreams @VogueFashionNightOut “Dream” was the name of the contest launched by Vogue Italia and Illy Coffee on Instagram. My picture “Nest” was selected as one of the 20 most suggestive pictures and was distributed as a card during the Vogue Fashion’s...

Dreams on Vogue Italia

  “Dreams are necessary to life” said Anaïs Nin. What do you think? How important are dreams in your daily life? What do you dream for yourself  and the world?  This sentence opened the contest that Vogue Italia launched with Illy. The 20 most inspiring...

. @CreativeFlow_Graphics .

When I received a DM on my Instagram account from Christy @leavemeto_dreaming asking me for an interview I couldn’t believe it. She is a very talented artist and the moderator of one of my favorite hubs on IG, @creativeflow_graphics , and she was asking...

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