LOVE. Written on an old accounting book from 1754.
LOVE. Letter after letter, all the alphabet of this accounting book is magically redesigned with all the aspects, angles, components of a love experience.

Emotion by emotion, every page tells a story, decomposing piece by piece what we all believe it’s a process. But the project analytically separates all the perspectives of love. And recomposes the fragments, one by one, to give back to LOVE what LOVE deserves.

When I received the old accounting book, I kept it at home on loan for several weeks before starting shooting at its pages that later formed the base levels for my Fragments.
I could not decide on how to use it. I only knew that the accounting notebook was gorgeous and I wanted to use it somehow for some photographic project.
One day, while flipping through it with extreme caution, suddenly, looking at its handwritten alphabetical index, I made the connection with Roland Barthes’ book “A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments”, one of my favorite books about love and lovers’ inner monologues.
That was enlightening: the accounting notebook from the XVIII century would have been the basis for my Fragments.

Therefore I decided, whenever possible, to follow a structure very similar to that used by Barthes, and, most of the time, I used his same “figures” for many love letters.

All the quotes in my Fragments, unless otherwise noticed, are from Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse : Fragments.

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