.V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O. #25

The Music of the Black Pearl



In the dark heart of the universe, light is formed and gets shaped. It can only be the most obscure corner in the remote galaxies. It can be only in the dark where light starts. The point of conversion for all the rainbows in the word, the converging point of the numerous rays collected from the different planets, millions of sunsets, infinite dawns in the gigantic equilibrium of the eternal universe.
It is in the dark of a dying life, in the most obscure dreams, in the remote corner of the soul that light begins.
It is in the dark heart of the universe that light starts.
The Black Pearl, the infinitesimal point of beginning. Donated from God to the universe, the nucleus of energy, light, music, vibration, sound. The center, the beginning, the core.
His bedroom was left to a sublime variation in G-minor, the 25th, describing the solitude of the human being, the solitude of the entire universe. A fossil of energy, left there as a remembrance. Vibrations layering like dust, in the penumbra.

He has been judged. He has become energy. Time has come for him to reach the Mother of Energy, the core of everything. What absorbs and what creates. It was irrevocable.

In the dark heart of the Perseus galaxy cluster, 300 million light-years from Earth, a supermassive black hole has been singing the same note for 2.5 billion years. Its tone registers 57 octaves below middle C and, according to scientists at NASA, it is a resounding, perfect B-flat.
The sound of the Black Pearl.


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