.V.A.R.I.A.T.I.O. #27

.The Tree of Memory and Thought .


The scream from the coachman came unexpected; a devilish shout, a blend of anger, fear, surprise. The horses started a furious gallop, faster and faster. The carriage was shaking without control. A furious run, in the middle of a lost countryside.

The Count inside the carriage was trying to watch outside, but soon the speed became so fast and uncontrolled, that images were just a sequence of blurry colors.

In this frantic run of colors in front of him, he started to see images, and shapes, like flashes, appearing for a fraction of a second. He soon recognized known places, familiar faces, loved animals, and even friendly sounds.

He was travelling in his life, a scattered path in different events of the past. His memories, now coming to life, just for an instant, just the time to recognize them. His travel in his carriage had taken an unexpected trajectory. Not only he was seeing fragments of his life. He started to see events that never took place, just because of a coincidence, just because a change in his mind, just because it was too late, or, too early. But all these alternative paths were coming to life, in front of him, like a path into his mind, forged by infinite lives.

At a certain point, he saw himself in a carriage. And that image, exploded like a broken mirror. Beyond that, there was no speed. There was no anxiety. There was no time. Floating in the air and right in front of him, the tree of memories and thoughts was standing in an endless time. The horses stopped and vanished. As the carriage. He looked at his life and all the other lives he could have had, and vanished.

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