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by FairyTalesNeverDie & Mr Flappy Fang

. @CreativeFlow_Graphics .

When I received a DM on my Instagram account from Christy @leavemeto_dreaming asking me for an interview I couldn’t believe it. She is a very talented artist and the moderator of one of my favorite hubs on IG, @creativeflow_graphics , and she was asking...

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2016 – One EyeLand Photography Award – Finalist

One Eyeland is a curated online gallery showcasing the finest images shot by the finest photographers. The “One Eyeland Awards” is one of the biggest photographic competitions held every year. And this year I was awarded with the Finalist Certificate! You...

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Dear Ylenia, Congratulations!

“Dear Ylenia, Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that one or more of your entries have won at the One Eyeland Awards 2016. A whopping 4319 images were uploaded from 65 countries. That’s an increase in entries by 32% as compared to last year. A power jury...

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Portami delle Rose… ne farò una Variazione!

C’era una volta un tavolo. Che ci crediate o no, tutto accadde sopra quel piccolo tavolo. Un sabato mattina sono tornata a casa con un mucchio di rose comprate in offerta al mercato. E’ stato un vero e proprio colpo di fortuna, visto che erano proprio ciò che cercavo...

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Bring me some Roses … I’ll make a Variation!

Once Upon a Time there was a table. Believe it or not, everything happened on that little table. One Saturday morning I came home with a bunch of roses. It was a real stroke of luck to find them on offer, since they were exactly what I was looking for. My Variation #7...

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E’ questione di Immaginazione. E di un valido assistente.

Prima cosa. Importantissima. Non esiste fotografo o artista o creativo di qualsiasi natura che non abbia bisogno di un assistente. Un assistente non è solo colui che tecnicamente può aiutarti, un assistente è soprattutto colui che c’è. C’è quando sei alla ricerca di...

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It ‘s all about imagination. And a valid Assistant.

First important thing. There is no photographer or artist, or creative of any kind that does not need an assistant. An assistant is not only someone who technically helps, an assistant is someone who is there for you. Someone who is there when you're looking for an...

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Welcome to my World!

Once Upon a Time there was a photographer.... or not? I am often asked if I do photography, digital photography or graphics and I sometimes feel challenged on how to reply. Do we need a classification of feelings and how someone expresses them? This is similar to the...

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